Plausibility of "multi-type transmissible animal cell tumor" to form more complex structures.


There's apparently a type of transmissible cancer that came from new world dogs thousands of years ago, the Canine transmissible venereal tumor. As I understand, this self replicating surviving cancer has DNA from new world dogs no longer found in the current canine population. It's its own "thing", not from a virus, radiation, or chemical phenomena.

I would like to postulate the possibility of more than just one type of cell metastasizing in a animal. Would it be possible for multiple types of "cancer" cells (or at least host foreign animal cells) to work in unison to create new structures? For example, extending a cardio vascular system, or nervous system through out the tumor, or, at the most far fetched side of things, a new appendage, like a cancerous "ear" formation (like a bunch of ears starting to grow in an area on the dog/animal due to this foreign cell "infection"?).

Even if this couldn't happen in general, would this be feasible with compatible immune systems, such as those found with inbred animals?

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For those wishing to learn more about CTVT, check out the scientific article (open access) at There are summaries at least at and ‭Canina‭ 3 months ago

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